Bridge Printing Grup

About us

     Founded in the fall of 2000, we have built over time a reputation based on the experience and outstanding quality of our services and products. We strongly believe in the power of communication through printed materials, a belief that we shared over time with all our partners and customers, always proving credibility and professionalism. That is why, we could not be labeled ‘a common printing company’!
We proved this in 2006, by winning in the Premier Print Award (PPA) for “Excellence in Quality” at the most important international printing competition – Premier Print Award, organized by the Printing Industry of America (PIA), and the Graphic Art Technical Foundation (GATF),an event attended by more than 5,500 printing companies from all over the world.

     In addition to the PPA award, since 2013 we are among the Purveyors to the Romanian Royal House, a quality we have gained, only after proving that we value our customers. These outstanding results we achieve through extraordinary collaboration, and thanks to our dedicated team of genuinely skilled operators backed up by the high standard machinery.

Why us ?

     If you’re among those who believe that perfection can be achieved, then you can count on our services!

     At Bridge Printing Grup we do more than just place ink on paper. We offer you quick service and creative solutions in order to develop high quality products, custom made to match to your company needs.
Our mission is to help our customers create their own identity or to strengthen already created identities, using innovative printing techniques and giving utmost consideration to every detail. Through our primary qualities, we can mention efficiency, excellence and confidentiality.

     Trust & Security
    Our customers and partners can confirm the quality of our services through referrals and long term collaboration.